D.I.Y Dub-Punk and Ska from the north of England, Formed in a basement, Manchester 07'. Autonomads have done over 400 gigs across 8 countries, several european tours, slept on your floors, played in fields, on sites, at demos, on trucks, in clubs, in houses and meadows, free parties, warehouses, pubs.. and pretty much anywhere where you'l av us!

Heavily influenced by 90's free-party reggae, folk, anarcho-punk, good people, ideological ranting, more good people, more ideological ranting. Always Anarchist, absolute freedom to earth, beast and mind. Everything NOW!


Summer 2016, looking for a few more dates June/July!!!

Summer 2016, get in touch to book us!!!

A few flyers for upcoming gigs – a full listing can be found on our gigs section. We’re taking bookings for 2016 – get in touch France   Poland

December 2015

Now organising gigs/Festivals for 2016, please get in touch! We will be doing another run of scarves and donating 20% to Rojava, we just donated £100 of your money to Aid Leros – You can search to find out more/volunteer/donate here – Cheers, more coming soon. X


2015 and onward!!

Autonomads now booking festivals for 2015, get in touch if you want us to play anywhere. Already planned Surplus Festival Fusion Festival (DE) Out Of Cider Festival, @Something Else Festival, Kill The Plastic Smile (DE) (tbc). Plus a European tour and Ireland/UK TBC. New EP on the way.. We will also be re-pressing the first album on vinyl viaRUIN NATION REC and re-pressing ‘Everything Now’ on CD ..More t-shirts/patches to come when we get ourselves into gear and print them.. Cheers to everyone who helped us out last year, places to sleep, put on gigs, bought, pirated and listened to our music. Cheers again […]

Cheers Boomtown 2014, Devil Kicks and Last Gang In Town, next… Dirty Weekend!

Stuff and things..!

Few gig updates on the gigs page, still looking for a few in Europe this summer, Switzerland/Italy/France (north) in particular, you you want to put us on get in touch. Other gigs and festivals dotted about this summer too, Bearded Theory, Boomtown, Dirty Weekend, Liberty Fest, Fuk Reading, Alchemy. New album is out on CD and will be out on vinyl very soon.. Its currently at the pressing plant, check the pre-orders in the shop if you’s like to get hold of one. Cheers for now.   x

European Tour 2014 – July..

We are off on tour with Braindead, if you can help us with any gigs please get in touch! We have plans to go to Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia, Germnay, Belgium, France and Netherlands! Cheers! x

Review ‘One Day This Will All Be Gone…EVERYTHING NOW!’

‘Our Elizabeth’ New track from ‘One Day This Will All Be Gone….’  

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